Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fear of the Chicken

Sourov is a quiet and reflective grade 10 student at International School Dhaka. The digital story he produced this term called "Fear of the Chicken" shows an insight into his character including an innermost feeling as well as a sense of humour.


Blogger Benjamin Madison said...

It's always seemed to me that chickens KNOW they are going to end up being killed and when you see one looking at you there is always that fear and horror of imminent death in its eyes.

Once a holy man gave a chicken to a young disciple and told him that he was free to kill and eat the chicken whenever he wanted but he was only allowed to kill the chicken where nobody could see him.

The young disciple wandered around for years to mountain tops and caves and across deserts and eventually came back to his master with the chicken under his arm. The holy man asked, "Why haven't you killed the chicken?"

The disciple replied, "No matter where I go, the chicken sees."

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